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Beyond design thinking and innovation to generate creative ideas.


Change by design. Hexa was launched in 2018, and it is surprising to think that it has been almost 4 years since Hexa, the first company in Palestine to seek change and innovation through better design, and the power of design thinking as a tool for problem solving and change.
The design is invisible because it has always been there. Design consists of its concept as a system to mediate between the needs and motives of people to make all those ideas that ranged from a product, service, business or even something ephemeral as a tangible tangible experience. The problem with design is that it is so integral to all aspects of our lives that for most people this word seems far, almost non-existent.
We’ve long known the importance of putting people at the center, and the value of Design Thinking as a people-centered problem-solving tool is widely known. But, can we use design thinking to create creative solutions? And to solve the basic problems in society? So we updated change by design, adding new methods and tools that contribute to change and innovation to make society better.

Date: Oct 19, 2021
AUTHOR: admin