Human-centered Design

Human-centered Design

Design Thinking is Human-centered problem solving tool, which emphasize on Empathy, Collaboration, Co-creation and Stakeholder feedback to unlock Creativity and Innovation, which devises feasible and viable Big Idea/solutions. The key to the process is empathizing with the users (target group) to uncover unmet needs by understanding their beliefs, values, motivations, behaviors, pains, gains and challenges and to provide innovative solution concepts.

Over the years, many of us have forgotten this ability to explore and this type of experimental learning, and our education in schools and universities has taken care of the rest so that we do not question and investigate facts and circumstances in a big way.

Human-centered design consists of three phases. In the Inspiration Phase you’ll learn directly from the people you’re designing for as you immerse yourself in their lives and come to deeply understand their needs. In the Ideation Phase you’ll make sense of what you learned, identify opportunities for design, and prototype possible solutions. And in the Implementation Phase you’ll bring your solution to life, and eventually, to market. And you’ll know that your solution will be a success because you’ve kept the very people you’re looking to serve at the heart of the process.

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