Design thinking (DT) is a human-centered approach transform the way ideas, products, services and experiences are designed to add value. Main point of this approach is an empathetic understanding of human behavior and needs, having the ability to experiment, bringing ideas to life.
The Design Thinking process was introduced by IDEO and perfected by researchers at Stanford, then developed by Google Venture. Business Design thinking are process that generate and create unique ideas, methods, proceeds helps organizations identify opportunities, solve complex business challenges, enable innovation and drive business results.

To help individuals and organizations in their design journey

Hexa offers a wide range of service offerings to develop, deploy and drive the adoption of design capabilities:

Design Advisory

Advisory and consulting offerings to help organizations drive design as a process, mind-set, strategy and culture. Leverage design to drive customer centricity, innovation and achieve business objectives.

Design Enablement

Building and deploying design thinking capabilities through guided interventions customized to industries, functions and roles in an organization.

Design & Innovation

"Quotient Maturity Assessment"
Assessment of design maturity of organizations based on KPMG’s design quotient maturity model.

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